Tire & Trim Kit
Tire & Trim Kit

Valentine Performance Detailing

Tire & Trim Kit

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This kit combines top-grade detailing essentials for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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This Kit Contains:

Rubber Vinyl Plastic Reviver - Heavy Duty Degreaser - Tire Brush (2-Pack) - Waxing Sponge Applicators (2-Pack)

Upgrade your auto detailing game with the VPD Tire & Trim Kit, carefully curated to meet the needs of car enthusiasts and detailing professionals. Our kit includes the VPD Rubber Vinyl Plastic Reviver, VPD Heavy Duty Degreaser, VPD Tire Brush (2-Pack), and VPD Waxing & Tire Sponge Applicators (2-Pack), each designed to tackle specific detailing challenges with unparalleled efficiency. 

The VPD Rubber Vinyl Plastic Reviver is essential for restoring and protecting surfaces, offering a range from shiny gloss to a subtle, original appearance with its water-based formula for long-lasting results without harm. The VPD Heavy Duty Degreaser effectively eliminates stubborn dirt and grime, suitable for both heavy and light cleaning tasks. 

The VPD Tire Brush, designed to fit any tire size, simplifies detailing with its ergonomic handle and sturdy bristles for effective dirt removal and enhanced vehicle appearance. The VPD Waxing & Tire Sponge Applicators ensure a neat application of dressings and waxes, thanks to their dense foam and ergonomic shape for convenience. 

Revive & Protect

The VPD Rubber Vinyl Plastic Reviver breathes new life into your car's leather, rubber, vinyl, and plastic, offering a hydrated shine without the risk of drying or cracking, perfect for both interior and exterior.

Effortless Cleaning

With VPD Heavy Duty Degreaser, tackle the toughest grime, brake dust, and grease on tires, wheels, and engine compartments. Its versatile formula can also gently cleanse seats, dashboards, and door panels.

Precision Detailing

The VPD Tire Brush, engineered for durability and efficiency, provides perfect tire cleaning, reaching deep into crevices to remove road grime and ensure a sparkling finish with its user-friendly design.

Uniform Application

Our VPD Waxing & Tire Sponge Applicators ensure even distribution of waxes, polishes, and dressings, reducing waste and achieving precise detailing on tires and bodywork with their ergonomic, reusable design.

Complete Care Solution

This kit combines top-grade detailing essentials for enthusiasts and professionals alike, ensuring every corner of your vehicle from bumper to bumper radiates perfection and longevity.



As a professional race car driver, I've won races throughout the world, including the Daytona 24 hours. But my passion for excellence doesn't stop at the finish line. Now, I'm excited to bring that same level of excellence to the auto detailing world with the launch of Valentine Performance Detailing. As a car enthusiast myself, I know how important it is to have a car that looks and performs at its best.