Basic Exterior Kit
Basic Exterior Kit
Basic Exterior Kit

Valentine Performance Detailing

Basic Exterior Kit

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Comprehensive kit that will meet the high standards of car enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a smooth detailing experience that enhances the beauty and longevity of your vehicle.

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This Kit Contains:

Wash & Wax - Quick Detailer - 3 Coral Fleece Microfiber Towels - 1 Double-faced Mitt

Transform your vehicle maintenance routine with the VPD Basic Exterior Kit. This comprehensive kit will meet the high standards of car enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a smooth detailing experience that enhances the beauty and longevity of your vehicle. 

The kit comes with our top product, the Wash & Wax. This powerful car soap, boosted with carnauba wax, easily removes grease, bugs, oil, and dirt, leaving your car shining brightly. Also included is the Quick Detailer. It gives your car a quick, water-repellent shine, perfect for keeping your car looking great between thorough washes. 

Accompanying these chemical solutions are our top-of-the-line microfiber towels and mitts. The Microfiber Coral Fleece Towels are ultra-soft, ensuring a scratch and lint-free finish, while the Auto Care Double-faced Mitts are designed to trap dirt deep within their fibers, preventing surface damage during washing. 

The VPD Basic Exterior Kit not only delivers superior cleaning and detailing capabilities but also represents a dedication to quality and excellence. Each product is designed to work harmoniously, providing a comprehensive solution for exterior car care. 

Complete Care Solution

VPD's Exterior Kit includes a Wash & Wax soap for deep cleaning, a Quick Detailer Waterless Wash for touch-ups, two 15.75" x 15.75" microfiber coral fleece towels for drying and buffing, a larger 15.75" x 23.5" towel for broader surfaces, and a double-faced mitt for gentle, effective scrubbing, ensuring comprehensive care and a flawless finish.

Premium Wash & Wax

VPD's Wash & Wax uses top-notch carnauba wax to not only clean your car but give it a sparkling shine too. Perfect for keeping your car looking great, this mix makes your paint look brighter and is essential for any car cleaning kit.

Versatile Quick Detailer

Achieve a radiant finish with VPD Quick Detailer, offering hydrophobic qualities, extending the life of your car's wax or paint sealant. Its protective layer repels water and dirt, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and gloss.

Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towels

Designed for delicate detailing tasks, our coral fleece microfiber towels ensure a lint and scratch-free finish, making them perfect for drying, polishing, and wiping down your vehicle.

Gentle Yet Effective Wash Mitts

VPD's microfiber double-faced mitts lock away dirt while minimizing the risk of damage, ensuring a scratch-free, thorough clean. Their plush design holds more water and soap for efficient washing.



As a professional race car driver, I've won races throughout the world, including the Daytona 24 hours. But my passion for excellence doesn't stop at the finish line. Now, I'm excited to bring that same level of excellence to the auto detailing world with the launch of Valentine Performance Detailing. As a car enthusiast myself, I know how important it is to have a car that looks and performs at its best.